our business goals

  • To be a profitable, healthy and successful business that is a leader in commercial agricultural practices with a loyal customer following and remarkable reputation in Uganda.

  • To be one of the suppliers of choice of good banana products in Uganda.

  • To be a business that values and cherishes the unique talents and commitment of its workers, develop, motivate them to promote the success of the farm.

our values/ethos

leading commercial farmers

These core beliefs drive our organisation. They describe our culture and guide both management and our employees on what it is to be part of our organization. They are critical to achievement of our Vision. They are:

  • Practice modern commercial livestock and crop farming in accordance with globally accepted and recommended standards. To be a ‘Top Brand’ providing trustworthy products and of high quality standards to our clients in our chosen markets.

  • Honesty and Integrity: We strive to deliver not just good agricultural products but we do so in an honest and ethical way. We care to provide only fit for consumption agricultural products at fair value to both our clients and to our business.

  • Continuous Improvement: We are aware that change is the only constant within any business environment. We aim at adopting ourselves to better and efficient farming practices and we will not simply be satisfied with ‘Good’. We are always on the look –out for benchmarking opportunities, new industry innovations and new learning opportunities to enrich our farming practices.