South african boer goats

The South African Boer goat was developed in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Dutch word "Boer" meaning farmer and was probably used to distinguish the native goats from the Angora goats which were imported into South Africa during the 19th century.

The present day Boer goat appeared in the early 1900's when ranchers in the Easter Cape Province started selecting for a meat type goat.

At Nimukama Mixed Farm pure bred Boer goats with ancestry lineage lines in South Africa have been bred with local mubende goats that are indigenous to Central Uganda to produce crossbreeds. Our breeding program is driven by the need to produce goats with good carcass weight. The South African Boer Goat is widely recognized to be the yardstick against which meat producing goats across the world are measured.

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Characteristics of the sa boer goat


mubende goats

Mubende goats are found mainly in the Central Uganda region, with a concentration in the Masaka area. The color of this goat is predominantly black although a mixture of brown and black is not uncommon. Average live weight for adult males is 35.7 kg, castrates 36.0 kg and females 31.5 kg. Individual male castrates may weigh up to 42.0 kg. 

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