dog training services

a complete package-we provide you!

To enhance our methodical dog breeding program we aim at selling trained dogs. A complete package - we provide you! NMF Kennels is fitted with a Dog Training Facility capable to support the training of dogs in the following broad training programs:

These are broken down into their many constituent and complementary modules.

NMF retains a qualified Dog Handler and retains a team of qualified K9 Instructors.

  • Obedience

  • Attack (including Poison Escape/Avoidance) and

  • Agility

At different ages at 3 months, 7 months and 1 year + we are able to design the appropriate training programs to match the growth and life stage of your dog that you’ll buy from NMF Kennels. Moreover, we have good on-boarding facilities which will allow you dog to have good residential facilities.

Why not give our farm a visit to check out for yourself how this farm environment is creating the perfect space for the individual dog to be trained. We’re yet to see a training ground and facilities better than what we have. Don’t take my word for it, pay us a visit and even better do buy from NMF Kennels a trained security guard and protection Dog. We look forward to meeting your needs


Attack dog training

the dog attacks because he has been commanded to.

The dog does not attack out of fear or anger, the dog attacks because he has been commanded to. Attack dog training, if carried out properly is very useful in personal protection. However the dog should still use his own initiative, if situations arise where the handler has been injured and cannot give a command.