what should you take into consideration when you are looking for a good guard and protection dog?

we deal only in pure bred dogs

The dog breeding space at least in Uganda is largely unregulated, and as such standards and ethics are not uniform and it isn’t uncommon to find many a ‘breeder’ purporting to have ‘pure breeds’ or ‘nice dogs’ you wonder what their benchmark is? You even wonder what are their guiding breeding principles!

When you’re looking for a good guard and protection dog please put the following into consideration:

  • How will you know that a Breeder is not reputable? 

There are some breeders who breed dog only for financial benefit, without regard for the health and welfare of the dogs. When buying a puppy, be aware that some non- reputable breeders sell mixed-breed dogs as though they were purebre

  • What sources should you avoid?

You should be wary of buying dogs over the Internet, from a classified advertisement or from any other source that does not allow you to meet with the breeder and see the dog's parents.

what makes nmf kennels unique and your breeder of choice?

  • Our key strength is responsive, ethical and honest client service.

We care to produce and sell only guard and protection dogs that are pure breeds. We deal only in Pure Bred Dogs. A Pure Bred Dog is a dog whose mother, father and ancestors are all the same breed. Choosing a pure bred dog gives you an idea of what your dog may be like, but it is important to remember that each dog is an individual and may display characteristics outside of his breed. We are aware that it is possible to have Mixed Breeds however to maintain our product and service offering we stick to only Pure Breeds. And this is why?A Cross Breed is a dog whose parents are purebred but of different breeds. For example, a Cockapoo has a Cocker Spaniel parent and a Poodle parent. Cross breed dogs, just like purebred dogs, can make loyal and affectionate pets but just like Mixed Breed dogs below share similar drawbacks.

Mixed Breed Dogs: Are products of three or four breeds such as Dalmatian + Boxer/Poodle or Dalmatian/Collie + Boxer/Poodle. In Mixed bred dogs, multiple breeds are contributing genes and traits, and there is no way to sort out which genes (and traits) might have come from which breed. And often there are far more than three or four breeds.

People who look at a mixed breed dog and then declare which breed's genes are inside that dog, are only guessing. There are simply too many breeds, too many genes that can produce a certain shape of head, ear carriage, type of tail, coat length, color, etc., and too many ways those genes can combine. It can be difficult to determine what the adult appearance, size, personality and behavior of a mixed breed dog will be, but his dominant physical features may provide some clues. For example, if he looks a lot like a Poodle, he may grow up with Poodle-like characteristics and personality.

  • We source our parent stocks from only the best blood lines.

Good produces Good and the apple doesn’t fall far away from its tree! To breed exceptional guard and protection dogs we care to find only the best dams and sires (parents). We carefully select our parent dogs with the required features and traits such as strong bones, solid nerves, strong hunt, prey and defense drives.

A classic example is one of our prized malinois parent male dogs used for breeding is an offspring of Berry II. To find out more about Berry II visit follow this link Berry II is a legendary Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) dog who has set the standards of Police Dogs in the world. He was the 2010 KNPV PH 1 (Police Dog) Champion Dog in the Netherlands. To watch Berry II in action please follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTiFNnN0oTg

The KNPV also known as the Royal Dutch Police Dog Sport but is more than just a Sport. That alone distinguishes it from Schutzhund or any of the French, Belgian or Mondio Rings. The KNPV, and its sister organization the Diensthond, certifies dogs for police, military and other government service. It is accordingly administered by governmental officials. Many of the dogs certified will see service as police, military or customs K9's. To read more about the KNPV visit http://www.reeddogtraining.com/what-is-the-knpv.html

  • Value for Money and Money Back Guarantee

We commit to ensuring that all our clients that buy dogs from NMF Kennels at Nimukama Mixed Farm that you’ll have your money’s worth, and plausibly return as a happy client to buy even more and refer your friend, your friend’s friend, your relative and any other Dog Enthusiast you know. And, if you’re not happy with your dog for reasons related to health, or guarding, protection potential we will refund back your money! We extend the Money back Guarantee to demonstrate to our clients that, we are not just gambling, that we’re serious about quality! That, we care to provide them with good quality dogs. To us, a satisfied client is the reason why we exist. Money in itself isn’t why we do good dog breeding it is just a reward for what we do! - A secondary reward! We’re simply passionate about dogs, we benchmark against some of the best kennels in the world, and we love to do things right and exceptionally well.