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Cross Breeds

 To produce a balance animal for a particular farm environment is a challenge and NMK Farmers meets that challenge. Many aspects need to be taken into account including finding the right balance between the animal and the environment.

At NMK Farmers we take pride in optimum production that includes knowledge about muscling, growth rates, frame size, adaptability traits and the feed environment. We find the best balance to produce beef and dairy profitability.

NMK Farmers takes into account the adaptability traits that are important in their crossbreeds. These adaptability traits include:

Hide -The animal hide, the largest organ of the body, consists of the skin and coat covering. The hid being 8% of body weight play an important role in adaptation through its thickness, presence of sweat glands and skin area.

Coat-Smooth shiny-coated animals adapt and perform better in the warmer climates. Animals adapt easier to cold than heat. In the warm climate, a smooth coated animal is in a more favorable balance for temperature control than woolly-coated animals.

Interaction-The interaction between genetics and the physical environment is an important trait that NMK Farmers understands. NMK Farmers knows the superiority of a breed when environmental stress is minimized and is conscious of this in its breeding methods.

What about the feed environment?

It is important that a sound balance be found between the available nutrients and cow size. Larger or smaller body size will have important biological advantages for adaptation to different climates and feed resources. NMK Farmers recognizes the correct balance between the available grazing and frame size of animals.

NMK Farmers keeps all this in mind when crossbreeding their livestock.