At Nimukama Mixed Farm, we believe if something is worth doing we had better do it right; and exceedingly well. We believe in quality and quality farm processes. Dr. Kabugo is retained to ensure that this happens. Within a strategic partnership, the farm engages Dr. Thomas Kabugo (please call him Dr.Tom, at the farm we fondly call him Dr. Tom) to ensure that, animal productive levels, animal health, disease surveillance and reproduction levels are right on target. 

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He is a key management team member whose zeal, infectious love for animals, quality farm processes and zest that the farm grows to farm model status in Uganda is most encouraging and a key driver for our work. He is such a creative catalyst.

As a graduate Veterinary Doctor from the legendary Makerere University, Kampala School of Veterinary Medicine, he brings key knowledge sets and field –tested industry experiences to bear on our farm operations.

He equally plays a key role in animal breeding and selective breeding choices. Additionally, NMF Kennels which is aspiring to be one of the very best breeding dog centres in Uganda is in his ambit. All the Kennel Unit veterinary health requirements are well catered to by Dr. Tom.

With Dr. Tom we’re confident that, we will keep movingly steadily and assuredly towards our goal to be a leading model commercial farm in Uganda whose quality will follow our farm name. Whose farm products and satisfied clients nationally and regionally will be our key reason for existence!