Mr. Dennis Bulega is our Farm Manager. He is qualified in both animal and crop science. He has remarkable farm management knowledge.

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As Farm Manager, he manages the day to day farm operations. He caters to the crop section and animal section at the farm, manages work schedules of workers and ensures that the agreed farm operational budget is expensed both valuably and wisely to achieve farm cost efficiencies.

He ensures that all farm structures, equipment and farm machinery are in good working condition over their useful life. Maintenance and replacement analysis of these is also managed by him.

Dennis attended Bukalasa Agricultural College and obtained the National Diploma (in service) in Animal Production and Management. He also holds a National Certificate animal production and management from Bukalasa Agricultural College. He has also achieved other certificates in Project Planning and Management and Evaluation from the Innovative Institute of Agriculture, Business & Capacity Building. Veterinary Surgery, Leadership, Feed Mill Management, Feed Mixing and Livestock Nutrition from Bukalasa Agricultural College.

He attended Saviour High School Kiboga where he earned his Uganda Certificate of Education certificate.

To firm his conceptual class room training he attended industrial training programmes/internships which have honed his practical farm management skills. He completed field training opportunities with Paradigm Farming Solutions in Gombe, Wakiso District.

Dennis’ detailed attention to each and every farm detail is a key skill and advantage for the farm. This is helping the farm achieve its goal of zero tolerance to waste, inefficiency, and increased farm productivity. He is such an intelligent operative and executor of farm operations.